Reynholm Industries. Good for Gold?

Reynholm Industries is a massive British business empire located at 123 Carenden Road, Central London.. It is famous for being one of the most successful and profitable corporations in British history, as well as its ownership of The UK TV channel ITV and its annual income of well over 1800 billion billion (£1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000) at one stage. The company was founded by ground-breaking businessman Denholm Reynholm, however, due to his suicide in 2007, the company was inherited by Denholm’s frustrated, egomaniacal son, Douglas Reynholm.

However, due to Douglas inobedience and money-wasting antics Reynholm Industries made massive losses and only just escaped going into debt at Douglas’s divorce trial. Douglas remained focused on less important things like his relationships with his employees and wasted money on erotic art in his office and gold flakes in the water coolers. The company continued to lose more and more money, especially during the global economic crisis of 2009, which saw Reynholm Industries losing well over £400 million.